March 17, 2009


Save your shekels and get it. I realized this is the most economical way to buy books. I had been buying them used on Amazon, but $3.95 on Kindle for a $19.95 hardcover? AND, best of all EVERY book you buy also doubles as an audiobook because Kindle will read it to you (out loud or with headphones)! (The female electronic voice sounds more human than the male voice.)

There is also BASIC WEB on the Kindle 2! You can surf and do your email (mostly text-based sites). Very strong signal that works EVERYWHERE.

They also changed the horrible design where you had to hold it by the corners or you'd keep turning the pages hitting the long page-turning bar. AND the power button is different so you don't keep turning it on inadvertently. AND the battery lasts for hours, especially if you keep the wireless turned off unless you're using it. It's also super-flat and super-light. You can almost use the QWERTY keyboard like a regular keyboard (instead of texting-style with your thumbs.)

It holds 1,500 books. (The old Kindle held about 200.)

I feel like a traitor because this is killing the book industry, not helping it. But it is SO cheap and convenient, especially if you travel and read a lot (I do both). Authors and booksellers get a PITTANCE for each book sold on Kindle. Amazon refuses to say how many Kindles have been sold.

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