October 12, 2009



CM- 21, one son and expecting a baby girl in November

  • Sidewalk counselors listened to her story and encouraged her to keep her baby. We have since referred her to obtain help from numerous organizations, including charities and government. She is an enthusiastic mother and is looking forward to the day she can welcome her daughter into her home.

GB – 30, two children, expecting twins

  • Planned Parenthood did an ultrasound on her prior to her scheduled abortion and learned that she was pregnant with twins. Good business people as they are, they sent the boyfriend out to get more money since aborting twins costs more. When he came outside, we counseled him about adoption options and abortion-related mental issues. He went in and got her out of there. She is now formulating an adoption plan for her unborn babies.

MW – 18, one child, now expecting a baby

  • After having just gotten "over the hump" with the early challenges raising her first child, she was looking forward to going back to school. When she found out she was pregnant, she initially concluded that getting educated and bringing her baby to term were mutually exclusive goals. We counseled her about child care options and obtaining her GED. She chose life for her baby and sat for the GED exam a few weeks ago.

According to the Tribune article, the sidewalk counselors at Division & LaSalle are "vicious."

Do we look "vicious" to you??

David, 31

Sales/MBA Student

Nora, 31

Attorney/Mother of 2

Shannon, 28

Nursing School/Collegiate Athlete

Julie, 34


U of I grad

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