May 10, 2010


The new European movie "Lourdes" (about a disabled young woman who goes to Lourdes, and I hear there's a miracle involved--imagine!--look it up on ) is playing at the Musicbox Theater in Chicago for one week, opening this Friday, May 7 (First Friday). It'll stay longer if it does well. It won the prize for best film at the 2009 Vienna Film Festival and it was also an official selection at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival among other festivals. You can find out more about the film at

I have not seen the movie yet, so I can't vouch for it,* BUT you can win 2 free tickets and dinner at a neighboring restaurant to the theatre (to be used any time while movie is at the Music Box) by answering any TWO questions about Lourdes (correctly)!
1) Did Mary pray the rosary with Bernadette?
2) Who was the first person cured by the spring?
3) What did Mary have on each foot?
4) What disease/sickness did Bernadette suffer from?
5) What was Bernadette's last name?
6) What year did "Song of Bernadette" (the movie) win Best Picture Oscar?
7) Why was the book "Song of Bernadette" (on which the movie was based) written and by whom?
8) What is the name of the mountain range where Lourdes is located?
9) What is the name of the region between France and Spain where Lourdes is located?

Email your answers to: with "LOURDES" in the message line. The winner will be notified THURSDAY, MAY 13, FEAST OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA (WRONG APPARITION!) AND THE ASCENSION OF OUR LORD, A HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION UNLESS YOUR DIOCESE HAS DECLARED IT CELEBRATED ON SUNDAY and tickets will be held at the box office. (Names of those who are eligible to win shall be dropped in a hat or some other respectable reseptacle and drawn therefrom.)

God luck!
*but I will be posting my review soon

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