April 8, 2011


The short, "To Be Born," premieres Sunday, May 1st, 7pm, at Marcus Theater, 16350 South Lagrange Rd., Orland Park, IL, 60462. http://www.marcustheatres.com/Theatre/TheatreDetail/153/

$10 includes a DVD of the film (in English, Spanish, Polish).
There will also be a Q & A with the cast and crew.

“To Be Born” is a 15-minute short by Chicago filmmaker, Rob Kaczmark and Spirit Juice Studios (http://www.spiritjuicestudios.com/). It will be available in English, Spanish and Polish. It’s a layered look at the terrible decision that faces many women: an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy.

Why are there so many “unplanned, unwanted pregnancies” in the first place? How can there be a “decision” to be made when a human life is already in existence? These two questions--important as they are--are not the focus of the film. The sad fact is that abortion is legal in the United States, and “the law is a teacher.” Unfortunately, not everything that is legal is good. Far from it. The fact that abortion is legal makes it a quick, easy option, a concrete possibility, when a law-abiding woman (or man) is under duress.

The film is beautifully shot and the young woman’s plight sensitively and compassionately presented. The story weaves in and out of reality, allowing any woman, any person to vicariously step through the stages of abortion and give it some hard thought. Is this really the best way? Do I really want this regret? What is the alternative?

Too often it seems, people are not really informed about what an abortion is. There is a vague notion of removing “tissue.” There are walls of denial and intentional suppression of the facts. “To Be Born” removes the wall and reveals the facts. This is not a condemnatory piece. It is filled with the power of love and hope. It’s a unique addition to pro-life filmography, and the fact that it is brief (in our short-attention-span society) makes it all the more valuable. (It will be available on YouTube.) It tells a rich, visual story. Although textured, there is also a simplicity and quietude to every second of imagery. We make our best decisions not in haste and panic, but in moments of calm reflection and often solitude.

"To Be Born" has elements of the horror film genre, in order for the audience to enter into the personal and real horror (for parents and child) that marks this momentous decision. Although it can't be controlled who sees what these days, especially on the internet, the intention is that "To Be Born" could be a preventive tool for young (and not so young) people to stop and think BEFORE finding themselves in crisis.

How might post-abortive mothers and fathers react to “To Be Born”? If they have not begun to seek healing, “TBB” could definitely be a catalyst. If shown in a group-setting, it might be helpful to have post-abortion counselors available (and introduce them before the screening).

“To Be Born” includes a brief depiction and verbal description of an abortion procedure. There is blood, but no nudity or pictures of aborted fetuses.
Suggested age of viewer: 13 and up.

www.ToBeBorn.com (the film will be available for viewing on this website after May 1, 2011. DVDs will also be on sale.)

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  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I look forward to seeing this - Good for Rob Kaczmark to take this courageous step as a filmmaker.

    Fr. Don Woznicki - Founder/Director of New Ethos

  2. Fr. Don--you ARE coming to the premiere, right???