January 3, 2012


What is "Courageous"? Only THE most Theology of the Body movie for guys EVER....

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  1. It was such a blessing that my hubby and I were able to see this movie in the theatre. We left the older kids with grandma and even took the baby (who was sleeping) in with us! The crowd was friendly to a baby - a witness to the vocation of fatherhood and a blessing to marraiges. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes! Isn't it fab? I can't stop recommending it everywhere I go. :]

  3. I stumbled upon this movie just needing to kill a few hours in the day. I was pleasantly surprised. I was funny and well written religious movie. This is a must see for All Men. I left the theater feeling so motivated and positive. I am a woman, but I will tell every man I know to see this.

  4. Agreed! But the PR co. for the film told women not to GO with them men and say: "See, this is how you're supposed to be!" They said let them figure it out for themselves. ha ha ha

  5. My wife and I watched "Courageous" during a family movie night at church last Friday night. I enjoyed the movie overall and was inspired by its message of strong manhood and fatherhood.

    I wish, though, that the Hispanic family wasn't portrayed as helpless and naive. I found some of the acting sub-par, as well.

    I think they could have made a film with a strong pro-father and pro-manhood message without it coming across as overtly Christian. Many, unfortunately, may discount the pro-family inspirations of the movie as simply "religious stuff."

  6. Yeah! Total stereotype of Latinos! (And, as I mentioned in review, they weren't great actors, either!) I didn't mind the overtly Christian thing at all. We are new creations in Christ, male and female, and we'll never know who we are without God. I feel sad when people aren't open to: "try God." They've tried everything else.