March 25, 2013


With signs including the slogan: "I need a Mom and a Dad," and pink and blue balloons, 1.8 million French marched on March 24 (second march this year) on the L'Arch de Triomphe to protect marriage between one man and one woman. Crowds (including elderly and children) were tear-gassed by police. Crowds are demanding a referendum.

Gay activists and celebrities are marching also (they are for gay lifestyle, but agree it's not marriage).

Socialist President Hollande is determined to push through the law without the approval of the people.

Even the "Mariannes" showed up at the March 24 march (young women who dress up in white and red like the mother/symbol of the French Revolution). You can get a brief glimpse of them at :58 and 1:58.

Here's more info:

See this blogpost from the first march: "WHAT DO THE FRENCH KNOW THAT WE DON'T?"

Oooops! Wrong march (below) it kinda fits...

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  1. The image in white? That's MARIANNE, the symbol of the French Republic... she stands for FREEDOM * EQUALITY * BROTHERHOOD... the principles of the French Revolution against the absolute monarchy.

    There are extremists in French society who are calling for the restoration of the Capetian dynasty and to an absolute monarchy. Others call for a constitutional monarchy, similar to the governments of Great Britain or Belgium. There is a living heir to Louis XVI: the Duc d'Anjou, Louis XX, the modern head of the House of Bourbon.

    In either event, these royalists insist that France should return to its Christian ways, to the principles of Throne and Altar. "For the King and the Pope!"

    In the meantime, vive Marianne.