March 20, 2014


Click on "CC" at bottom of video for good translation of the dialogue she has with judges afterward.

When asked why she went on "The Voice" Sr. Cristina says that she has a gift that she is giving away: shouldn't it be like this? She adds that God doesn't take anything away from us, He only gives us more.



  1. Here's my translation, sister:

    blonde woman: Well then, good evening. This time we can’t say “aunt” , wanting to, but rather “sister”. Sister, but can I ask you your age:

    sister: yes, absolutely, I am 25, My name is Sister Christina.

    blonde woman: Where are you from?

    sister: I am sicilian.

    blonde: Sicilian. Listen, sister Christina, but are you a real sister or…

    sister: Yes I am a (very) real sister.

    blonde: This isn’t possible, did it come into your mind to come onto the voice?

    sister: Well, I have a gift, I give it to you. It’s like that.

    man with facial hair: Thank you!

    blonde: Honestly, I’d be curious to interview you about how you decided to become a’d have your motives, but to sing also like that...I don’t know anything any more, you know dear sister Christina?

    sister: I imagine.

    blonde: OK, also because the first one to turn was (tattoo man) , rocker.. (and?) man of blues… Very well, choose.

    sister: It’s difficult. I want to hear you (plural).

    blonde: No no, I’m done, now it’s Girax’s (tattoo man’s) turn.

    Girax: Hi sister, are the sister, I am the uncle. Look. I don’t know but you sing sundays in church?

    sister: yes, absolutely.

    Girax: You know if you sing sundays in church with the donations they could avoid to pay (???)... If I had found you from when I was kid when I went to mass, I would have been pope by now. ...You know how the music functions like a play between eh...sweet and salty, a caress a slap, you and me we are know why? Because we are the devil and the saint. You have to come with me, you have to come with me.

    Red head: Fantastic. When I turned around and saw you, I thought I had a vision problem. …. I like also the choice of the song, a very modern song by Alicia Keys, that came out two years ago. No I beg you...I am a saint like impeccable duo...I wouldn’t choose the devils.

    Tattoo man: Now were are some little devils.

    Blonde: I’m not a devil, OK?

    redhed: Choose the saint.

    Blonde: But according to you what what the vatican say about you being on the voice?

    sister: Look, I don’t know...there are calls from Pope Francis waiting for me, surely. Because he invites us to go out, to say that God doesn’t take away anything but rather gives even more and I am here because of this.

    judges...brava brava...come on!...what energy!

    man with facial hair: I still don’t know if somebody put some pill in my drink, because I still haven’t woken up from when I turned around….it’s an incredible thing, you have crazy (amazing) energy. The battle between the devil and the saint Giax has already taken from me, I can’t do it any more. But imagine it would be if we were on the same team…

    Sister: It would be wonderful!

    man with facial hair: (I don’t completely undertand what he’s saying about Pope Francis) have the same name as my mother.. Go ahead (tranquilly)

    (at this point I’m realizing youtube has captions for this in from here I’ll put down their translation):

    sister: Now the choice is so difficult.

    blonde: It’s your fault, you are too good, you know.

    man with facial hair: Come here! Come here!

    sister: I told myself I would have gone with the first coach turning, so I will go with J-Ax. ...Ciao, thank you!

  2. Click CC and English and it's already there.

  3. I came here just to see if you had seen this. :) ...but of course.

  4. Thank you for sharing the video. Great day for me :-)
    I am a singer too.

  5. Anonymous5:49 AM

    The Italian rapper, J Axe was the first to turn for Sister Cristina and ended up being her coach.

    If you watch him closely he is moved to tears several times during this video. That's the Holy Spirit coming over him through this humble nun with a heavenly voice. I've read he 's not very religious but watch & see he soon will be. The Holy Spirit has got a hold of him now & it's just a matter of time.

    How do I know? Well because the Holy Spirit got a hold of me in a similar fashion.

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