October 22, 2012


IF WE CAN RAISE $10,000 BY DECEMBER 31, 2012!

OK--it's time for a www.MediaApostle.com film update!

YES, that's the amazing www.SpiritJuiceStudios.com shooting our documentary film! So you KNOW how great it's going to be. (kneeling--Danny Hidalgo, cinematographer; standing: Rob Kaczmark--director/production manager; smiling--Yours Truly, writer/producer) Photo taken in Rome on the terrace of the Society of St. Paul ("Fr. Alberione's men": priests/brothers) Generalate. (Photo by Sr. Anne Flanagan, long-suffering translator and Alberione charism consultant for the film.)

Check out some of Spirit Juice's best short films: www.BestofSpiritJuiceStudios.blogspot.com

"JAMES ALBERIONE--MEDIA APOSTLE" is a 90-minute documentary on the life, media spirituality and media apostolate of Blessed Fr. James Alberione, SSP, founder of the Pauline Family. (The Pauline Family--called to be "St. Paul living today"--is the 10 congregations founded by Fr. Alberione. www.DaughtersofStPaul.org are just one of those 10 congregations!) www.Alberione.org

"We are not called to save people who lived 200 years ago 
and had no radio, cinema or TV."
--Blessed James Alberione 1884-1971

Thanks to ALL who have already donated to the film! God bless you! Here's the latest donations update! 

(Donations can be made securely online at the website: www.MediaApostle.com
PRAYERS may also be donated. :]

MATCHING GRANT! You did it!!! Thank you!!!
Needed $10,000 by December 31, 2012.
Have $10,829 as of December 22, 2012.
Any further donations will go to DVD production,
promotion & entertainment lawyer,
which were not even in the budget! God bless you!!!

Rough cut of film due: February, 2013.

 There's also a "making of" blog: www.AlberioneFilm.blogspot.com with all the latest news 
a Facebook page:

FUN FACT: In order to film in Rome and northern Italy, our four-member film crew piggybacked on an already-planned Pauline pilgrimage. Of course, we drove the Pauline pilgrims CRAZY because while they wanted to spend just 20 minutes at a location and move on, it took us 20 minutes just to put the cameras together and get off the bus. Needless to say there was MUCH patient waiting.... Rosella, our Italian tour guide, dubbed us: "the four horsemen of the Apocalypse."

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse
(aka Rob Kaczmark, Sr. Anne Flanagan, Sr. Helena Burns, Danny Hidalgo)

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