January 29, 2013


Here's another post from when the continued marches to protect marriage reached 1.8 million people:

On January 13, 2013, one million French marched to protect marriage. Vive la difference!

France Marches for Marriage

Led by a provocative comedian, a gay atheist, and a socialist teacher, protest against same-sex marriage draws one million

As many as a million protesters descended upon Paris from every corner of France today to demonstrate their opposition to the Socialist government’s plans to introduce same-sex civil marriage. The Prefecture of Police estimates at least 380,000 participated in the three marches from different starting points that converged at the Champs de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower. Organisers, however, set up counting stations and claim that, by 7:30pm tonight, over one million protestors had joined the march.
Volunteers charted more than eight hundred vehicles to bring protestors to Paris, while six TGV high-speed trains were reserved for demonstrators. “Had the conditions for chartering trains not been as stringent,” an organiser told Le Figaro “the number could easily have been double.”
“In the freezing cold,” Le Figaro reports, “young, old, and families with children were trying to keep warm waving thousands of pink flags to the jerky rhythm of techno music.”
The entire workforce of the Directorate of Public Order & Traffic was called out to handle the massive demonstration, which forced a Paris Saint-Germain football match to be brought forward. Police believed it would be impossible to secure the area around the Parc des Princes stadium when hundreds of thousands of protesters were expected in the centre of the French capital.
The protest today was organised by the eccentric comedian Frigide Barjot, founder of the Collectif pour l’humanit√© durable, joined by gay atheist Xavier Bongibault of the association Plus gay sans mariage (“More Gay Without Marriage”), and Laurence Tcheng of La gauche pour le mariage r√©publicaine(“The Left for Republican Marriage”).
The unlike troika claim to have launched “a guerrilla war” against the current Socialist Party government’s proposed same-sex civil marriage legislation. Avoiding the mainstream media, ‘Team Barjot’ went direct to supporters through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and, countering the government’s branding of same-sex civil marriage as “Mariage pour tous”, named their protest “Le Manif Pour Tous” (‘The Protest for All’), asserting that all children have a right to a mother and father.
If opinion polls are to be believed, the campaign against the proposed law seems to be changing perceptions. From 2000 to 2011, polls showed a steady rise in support for same-sex marriage. In 2012, this percentage began to decline; support for allowing same-sex couples to adopt also fell. Meanwhile, polls claim that 69% prefer same-sex marriage be put to a referendum.
The three marches organised by Le Manif Pour Tous began at separate meeting points before they converged on the Champs de Mars.
The Institut ‘Civitas’ organised a fourth march on its own initiative.

full blogpost: http://www.andrewcusack.com/2013/01/13/le-manif-pour-tous/

"I need a Dad and a Mom!"

"Sex, not gender."

"1 Father + 1 Mother: It's elementary."  /  "Don't Touch Civil Marriage!"

"Frigide Barjot" (far right)

"All born of a man and a woman!"

"1 Dad and 1 Mom is best!"

Tear gas was used against protesters on the second march (March 24, 2013)

These are the "Madelines" who symbolize the French Revolution.
They're holding up France's Civil Code.

(President) Hollande, you will hear us!

"The 'difference' is the key of existence."

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