March 3, 2017


This event is for men and women.

For young women discerning the Sisterhood, there will be a combined vocation discernment component to the day. If you are interested also in the vocation segment, please RSVP to:

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  1. Anonymous4:21 AM


    How do we get more Catholics / Christians to make great films like It's a Wonderful Life, Man for All Seasons, the Mission, Sound of Music, Brother Sun Sister Moon, Jesus of Nazareth etc? As well as great books like Lord of the Rings and Brideshead Revisited. And great music like Bach. And great art like that of Blessed Fra Angelico. And great architecture like that of Michelangelo and Gaudi? And above all, icons like those of the Orthodox Church?

    - Art and beauty glorifies God
    - Art and beauty is good for the soul
    - Art and beauty reminds us of the Beatific Vision
    - Art and beauty as a tool for evangelisation

    I believe that if we had more of a special devotion to The Holy Spirit (and not neglecting our devotion to The Blessed Trinity, as well as The Father and The Son - and not forgetting that it's through The Son we hope to be with The Trinity - please God - after we die), there would be far more Catholic/Christian-friendly art and beauty in our world.

    (One way to show we could do more in our devotion to The Holy Spirit is to make more of Pentecost in which God gives Himself to us in a special way like in Christmas and Easter. Theologically, Pentecost is really important, but in practise, I'm afraid to say, we don't often give it the importance we should - that's my personal experience at least).
    Ed, UK