June 23, 2018


I do not agree with the exact tone with which Dr. Cretella presents everything, but she is saying what no one else will say and has incredibly important information for parents and everyone else. It's important to watch both videos in their entirety.

If your child is struggling with sexual/gender identity or has been indoctrinated by/exposed to transgender ideology in school or through the media, contact www.bestforchildren.org for help.

--What Is Gender Dysphoria in Children?

--The Harmful Effects of Testosterone on Young Female Bodies

--How Gender Ideology Harms Children: (from the American College of Pediatricians--actual American pediatricians who disagree with the AAP on children's gender issues)

--Is Transgenderism a State-sponsored Religion?

--Sex Change: Physically Impossible, Psychosocially Unhelpful, Philosophically Misguided (here's the evidence): http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2018/03/21151/

--Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological & Social Sciences

--The Truth About Puberty-Blocking Hormones

--Campaign Life Coalition in Canada has a lot of information on gender ideology in the schools: www.campaignlifecoalition.com

--LOTS of TOB resources to teach "sex ed" at home": www.tinyurl.com/TOBsexED  

--Canadian group PAFE (Parents As First Educators) -- activist group: http://pafe-pafe.nationbuilder.com/

--General TOB resources: www.tinyurl.com/TOBresources 


--"Homosexuality & the Catholic Church: Clear Answers to Difficult Questions" by Fr. John Harvey (founder of www.CourageRC.com 
--"Loving My LGBT Neighbor--Being Friends in Grace & Truth" by Glenn Stanton
--"Understanding Gender Dysphoria" by Mark Yarhouse
--"Living the Truth in Love--Pastoral Approaches to Same-Sex Attraction" by Fr. Paul Check & Dr. Janet Smith
--"The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction" by Janelle Hallman
--"Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions About Life & Sexuality" by Nancy Pearcey
--"Why I Don't Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexuality and Found Peace" by Dan Mattson
--"When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment" by Ryan T. Anderson

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