August 26, 2007


Drove thru 6 states today sweating like a stuck pig (no A/C in the car):

MA--God's country, "the bay state"
CT--God's country, ???????
NY--God's country, "the empire state"
NJ--God's country, "the garden state"
DE--God's country, "the first state"
PA--God's country, "the keystone state"

Crossed 3 rivers: CT, Hudson, Delaware--take that, George Washington.

Backed into 1 limo at Burger King. The driver was nice about the scratch.

CT has the BEST rest areas in the COUNTRY.

NJ has NO Dunkin' Donuts off the highway.

That ginormous aluminum Immaculate Heart of Mary statue that had been touring the country is in.....Delaware!

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  1. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Connecticut is the Nutmeg State. Alas, it is named for the long-ago con men who would sell carved bits of wood and pass them off as nutmeg.