August 22, 2007


"Being Jane"--the story of Jane Austen's real-life love--is tedious and boring in the beginning, but the ending is so strong and has so many unexpected twists that you must see this movie! The characters and story are not effectively developed at first. Anne Hathaway's (Jane Austen) acting is satisfying, but James McAvoy (who plays Jane's love interest, Tom) does not convey the proper emotions which obfuscates the story. He seems to be almost intimidated by Hathaway's acting. The chemistry doesn't quite kick in till the end. I was disappointed that the prominence of writing in Jane's life wasn't a little more emphasized. However, the case could be made that Jane acted as she did because she was a writer (and therefore, the plot actually implicitly rests on this fact). Like I said, check out the ending. Wow.

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