September 17, 2007


So, I attended this luncheon of the "Non-Crabby Women of Faith"* with a German Monsignor Schmidt who converted two real-life princesses to Jesus. One is German, one Italian. The Italian, who is a Borgia(!), wrote a best-selling book in Europe called "With New Eyes," that I and my partner in crime, Sheila Liaugminas, are going to strong-arm him into getting into English.

When one of the women asked Monsignor: "How do we bring Jesus to the world when we leave Mass?" He said, get this, "The family table. All of life should be liturgy. If the Mass is the heavenly banquet, so should our family table be, also for all those who join us at it (hospitality)." He said: "You should use your fine china for your family several times a week. Celebrate." Wow.

Linda Weaver, our amazing hostess and evangelizer par excellence, said: "If evangelizing is inviting people to the heavenly banquet...then I'm God's party planner!"
*We're not allowed to complain about our lives, the Church or anything! Only positive energy. Like Jesus who was always "yes."

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  1. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Thank You Sister Burns...
    I'm an art teacher at a Catholic High School... when we have
    celebrations, I will think of it as evangelizing.