September 26, 2007


"REAPER"--A 21-year-old Wal-mart-like employee finds out that his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born. He must now work for Satan, bounty-hunting souls that have escaped from hell. A blend of comedy, guy humor and special effects. The main character's slacker friend is very funny. Satan, looking like a mafia don, is non-scary and non-funny. The theology is skewed and illogical: Satan tells his new minion, "Don't worry, I saw how this all ends: God wins." Satan almost sounds like he's working for God, putting the "bad guys" away.
I thought this might be more "Screwtape Letters," psychological thriller, but not so far. The dirt-devil vacuum as a soul-sucking device was amusing. Acting, dialogue, plot, not that snappy.

"GOSSIP GIRLS"--Based on the books touted as "Sex and the City for the teen set." Sigh. Mean Rich Girls. Bored Mean Rich Girls. Bored Mean Rich Humorless Girls Creating Drama (Unfortunately Much Sexual Drama) Because They're Bored. Bored Mean Rich Girls with Bored Mean Rich Parents. Created by the creator of "The O.C."--it's the same tenor.

"DIRTY, SEXY MONEY"--focuses on a lawyer for a mega-wealthy, eccentric, controlling, Kennedy-like family. His father before him was their lawyer. The stellar cast doesn't disappoint: Donald Sutherland, Jill Clayburgh, Peter Krause. This could be a very heavy drama, but has a light touch. Very well executed, but not completely riveting. Unfortunately, the nastiest family member is a nasty Roman Catholic priest with a son out of wedlock.

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