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Daughters of St. Paul Newsletter

"Glory to God and peace to men." "Gloria Deo, pax hominibus." –Luke 2:14


75th Anniversary in the U.S.A.                             December 2007

Dear Friends,


A very Merry Christmas! We hope you and your family are enjoying the blessings of the season. As we share our good news of the past year with you, we are profoundly grateful to God and you.


                                 Chicago Awaits….

Our postulants, (pictured under the fatherly gaze of St. Paul) are planning an apostolic trip to Chicago in the New Year. We also had three professions this year: Sr. Karen Teresa, Sr. Jamie Paula and Sr. Maria Kim.

                                           Daughters of St. Paul Christmas Concerts   

Sr. Anne Joan and Sr. Helena Raphael, from the Chicago community, will join the Daughters of St. Paul Choir again for their annual East Coast tour. You can follow us on the road:

Sr. Helena Burns' blog: Sr. Anne Flanagan's blog: Our latest Christmas album is now out: "Season of Love," featuring all the songs we sing in concert. Sr. Anne, a soloist, also worked on a traditional album coming out in 2008: "Catholic Favorites: Holy God We Praise Thy Name." She is pioneering a trio of sisters singing sacred hymns. Who knows, maybe someday our choir will come sing in Chicago!!

Sr. Anne in her choir robes.


Travels in the Nation's Heartland

We were very busy this Fall "nunning" book tables, especially at catechetical gatherings, meeting thousands of catechists and directors of religious education across the Midwest. We also give talks on faith & media at many of these gatherings, helping youth and adults bring their faith & media lives together. We just added Iowa and part of Nebraska to our "territory"!


Women's Advent Retreat

Back by popular demand, Sr. Jean Frisk (a Mariologist) will be the retreat director for our annual Women's Advent Retreat, December 1. She will be helping the attendees to enrich their understanding of Mary through talks and clips from the movie "The Nativity Story." For more information: 312-346-4228.

A Catholic Film Renaissance?

Sr. Rose Pacatte, fsp, has written a film guide for "Into Great Silence," the three-hour "silent" movie about the Carthusian monks. Sr. Helena's review of the pro-life film, "Bella," was printed in the Catholic New World, and the second film of "Narnia," is in the works. On a darker note, the Daughters of St. Paul have prepared a free film guide to the "Golden Compass,"—to help parents, teachers and catechists explain our Christian beliefs vis-à-vis this new atheistic fantasy. Please call for a copy: 312-346-4228. Sr. Helena will be working on the screenplay of the life of our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, in 2008. Please pray for all these film initiatives!


New "Theology of the Body Explained" by Christopher West now available!

Christopher West ("Mr. Theology of the Body") has completed his newly revised "Theology of the Body Explained" to match the new text of Pope John Paul the Great's revolutionary "Man and Woman He Created Them—A Theology of the Body." Check out our website for other great new books such as Sr. Mary Peter's specific needs prayerbook, "Tender Mercies," and "How to Handle Worry—A Catholic Approach," (with workbook). Sr. Kathryn James came out with her fifth title: "Making Peace with Yourself—15 Steps to Spiritual Healing."


A Sleigh-full of New Children's Books!

Forget sugar plums! Goodies for little book lovers are now available: "My First Christmas Sticker Book," "Santa's Prayer" (little ones pray to Jesus with Santa for the world—CD included), "St. Paul-the Thirteenth Apostle"—just in time for the year of St. Paul: June 2008—June 2009! Also in 2008, look for the launching of "Life and Soul Jr." (a companion to the adult "Life and Soul" magazine).

In the Works

Sr. Anne is working on a book about grief for children, and Sr. Helena is putting the finishing touches on "He Speaks to You," a daily devotional for young women. Many different congregations of Sisters are contributing to the daily "Advice from the Nuns" section. New Technology: Check out Sr. Anne's YouTube channel: Search for "singingsisters" on YouTube!


Vocations: "The Apostolate of Apostolates"

Please pray for Jackie Gitonga, originally from Kenya, getting her PhD at UIUC. She is discerning whether to join the Daughters in Kenya or the USA! We had a wonderful Chicago Vocation Retreat in the summer which nine young women attended. It included a "contemplative walk through the city," to help young women reflect on the spiritual needs of people in our media culture. The Daughters of St. Paul are missionaries to a media culture!


2008 Lenten Bible Studies

We will be hosting a 20-week study of The Gospel of Matthew on DVD by Jeff Cavins, as well as a repeat of an 8-week Overview of the Entire Bible (also by Jeff Cavins—Great Adventure).


If you would like to help sponsor any of the above-mentioned projects, please let us know! Whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated! Remembering you in our Christmas Novena beginning December 16 -- please send us your intentions! If you're downtown, join us for the Novena! (Starts at 6:30pm, December 16—December 24.)


Blessed Christmas and New Year,

Sr. Helen Rita, Sr. Mary Thecla, Sr. Susan Miriam,

Sr. Anne Joan, Sr. Helena Raphael


Daughters of St. Paul          172 N. Michigan Ave.          Chicago, IL 60601          312-346-4228    

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