November 13, 2007


We are so blessed to have Fr. Don Sassi, SSP, as our Father General. He is truly prophetic in regard to the new evangelization and the new media!
"The specific characteristic of the Pauline charism is evangelization and communication. Evangelization and communication collaborate together to create a new identity."
"Blessed James Alberione realized that apostles of the media must be formed through a spiritual life so as to transmit it to others. He gave models of holiness: Jesus Master, Mary--Queen of Apostles, and St. Paul the Apostle to give direction to every aspect of Pauline formation: human, Christian and religious. The apostle becomes holy by helping others become holy. The whole Christ (dogma, morals and worship) presented to the whole person. As Blessed James said: 'Speak not only about religion, but speak of everything in a Christian way.'"

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