June 19, 2011



Amazing storytelling! These are baseball stars who are also men of tremendous faith!


--I loved that they talked about and SHOWED their failures
--some INCREDIBLE stories/highlights: (Mike Sweeney fight, Sweeney's Dad giving up his baseball career for his family, "the chicken runs at midnight," St. Therese, Piazza & Clemmons, Piazza meeting the pope, etc.)
--real NICE short cuts
--wasn't much about the families/wives, but that's not what this documentary is about--it's about the individual man's struggle to achieve dreams and how that's best done with GOD
--great how these guys could really ARTICULATE not just a simple faith, but a total spiritual strategy for their lives, how it effects everything they do
--how WINNING is not everything in the end, it's being humble and grateful for all the good things that come your way
--ECKSTEIN not even seeing his injury as a bad thing
--"If you put God first in your life, He'll put you first."
--I loved the Latino guys: Ozzie (White Sox!), and Ivan and how religion is just like breathing to them, you just would never think of leaving God out of your life
--great shots of the guys at Mass, praying, etc.
--the father of "the chicken runs at midnite" girl talking about negative peer pressure....
--these guys expressed, in very unique ways, what faith means to them, nothing cliche(!), that I've never heard before, gave me a lot to think about
--Blessed James Alberione said: "God speaks to the soul after Communion" (Sweeney says sometimes he feels an intense burning in his heart after Communion)--I've never experienced this, so maybe it's a guy thing! ha ha
--tears! (real men cry!)
--SPORTSMANSHIP, forgiving on and off the field, setting a good example
--showing kids playing baseball a lot and how they aspire to be great someday, too
--I'm NOT a baseball lover at all, but it really made me feel the excitement of the game
--loved those CRACKS of the bat one right after the other at the end

Awesome job, great juxtaposition of visuals.


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