September 25, 2012


--Theology of the Body Institute (founded by Christopher West) in Pennsylvania: (week-long seminars with Christopher West and various instructors, with the possibility of certification when 8 courses completed).
--John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family, Washington, DC. (The first JP2 Institute was founded by JP2 himself, in Rome.)
--I am presently based in the Archdiocese of Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, and offer TOB talks, as well as short and long "TOB Training" courses, as well as an online Certificate course through
For more information:
--If you're interested in my 40-hour audio course (not for credit, self-conducted), please email me:
--DIY online study: Fr. Sprott has done his own critique of TOB. This course is good for TOB skeptics, those with a little background in theology, for seminarians/priests/deacons, etc.:
Discount CODE: ThanksJP2 will get you 30% off.
"Discover Theology of the Body"
10-hour video lecture series with Fr. Robert Sprott, OFM, PhD.  
Download the free study guide (with discussion questions and more):

THE BASICS  actual Theology of the Body text: “Male & Female He Created Them--a Theology of the Body,”Christopher West did an easy-to-understand paraphrase/commentary called "Theology of the Body Explained," also available from  “TOB Made Simple," "Love and Responsibility" and much more!  books, free downloads, DVDs, CDs (also, search for Christopher West and Jason Evert YouTubes) Also, Christopher's  all kinds of TOB resources / speakers / Fr. Loya DVDs / Spanish TOB  line of TOB books, CDs, DVDs
--“Biology of the Theology of the Body,” Vicki Thorn, RN (the science to back up TOB)—she also founded “Project Rachel” for post-abortion healing—Her DVDs/CDs:  Fr. Thomas Loya—premiere TOB speaker, available also for retreats, men’s porn recovery, etc. His study group: Past classes are archived.
--Pope Benedict’s intro to TOB: “On the Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World” 

--Christopher West DVDs (various study series w workbooks)
--"Love and Responsibility" by Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II) / Want easy version? "Men, Women and the Mystery of Love" by Edward Sri

--The actual text: "Male and Female He Created Them--A Theology of the Body" John Paul II (Christopher West did an awesome paraphrase/commentary called "Theology of the Body Explained," also available from
--In the actual Theology of the Body text is a long introduction by Dr. Michael Waldstein--excellent (frames TOB in Church history and philosophy)
--"Men and Women Are From Eden" by Dr. Mary Healy (the only TOB Sparknotes--a very short, complete overview with Scripture quotes & study questions)
--"On the Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World" by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict).

--"Theology of the Body Made Simple" by Anthony Percy (covers Genesis), very small book
--"Theology of the Body for Beginners" by Christopher West, medium-sized book
--"Theology of His/Her Body" (2 books in one) by Jason Evert (great for teens, mostly relational stuff)

--"Theology of the Body On Screen: Images of the Body in Art & Media" by Sr. Helena Burns
--"What Does It Mean To Be Human? Life's Questions, Theology of the Body's Answers" --An easy-read, conversational 22-chapter intro to TOB with review & reflection questions) by Sr. Helena Burns, fsp (for teens, young adults, adults): The Table of Contents is all the topics listed here in order:

--Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage in Spanish DVDs:
--"Good News About Sex & Marriage" by Christopher West  in Spanish from
--The Theology of the Body text is available in Spanish from Pauline Books & Media, Miami: (305) 559-6715
--(from Mexico): Twitter: @sexoseguro
--NYC! @corazonpuroNYC
--Pro-life "180 Movie" in Spanish: has many Spanish resources

TOB MARRIAGE PREP COURSE: (print) (online)



--Your pre-teens/teens don't read? Have 'em watch: "The Pure Life" DVDs by Jason and Crystalina Evert. Lame cover art on the DVD, but FANTASTIC 20 min sessions with a teen panel on all kinds of issues: dating, porn, sexuality, etc.!
--“God’s Plan for Your Life—Theology of  the Body for Teens”  (textbook)
--“YOU! Life, Love & TOB” (DVDs, workbks, parents & leader’s guide)
--“Theology of His/Her Body” by Jason Evert (2 books in one, great intro to TOB, very easy read!)
--“The Thrill of the Chaste”  by Dawn Eden (NYC rock journalist living “Sex and the City” lifestyle, Catholic convert)
--“Wait for Me” by Rebecca St. James (practical ideas)—teens evangelizing teens with TOB (peer ministry) Monica Ashour’s group out of Texas, can be replicated  (Cincinnati, OH) TOB training seminars, camps (also for adults)'s collection of talks by Fr. Thomas Loya, Vicki Thorn, etc., available at

RESOURCES BY / FOR WOMEN: Healing for Women (
--“Women, Sex and the Church—a Case for Church Teaching” (compilation of women scholars)
--“Woman, God’s Masterpiece,” must-hear 2-CD set by Christopher West
--“On the Dignity and Vocation of Woman,” “Letter to Women,” “Women—Teachers of Peace,” all by Pope John Paul II
--Sr. Prudence Allen, RSM: "The Concept of Woman" (she's big into the complementarity of the sexes)
--Janet Smith: "Why Humanae Vitae Was Right--A Reader," "Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later," "Life Issues, Medical Choices," "The Right To Privacy"
--Kimberly Hahn: "Life-Giving Love--Embracing God's Beautiful Design for Marriage"
--Alice von Hildebrand: "The Privilege of Being a Woman"
--Sr. M. Timothy Prokes, FSE: "Towards a Theology of the Body and Mutuality: The Human Image of Trinitarian Love"
--Sr. Therese Auer, OP (Nashville Dominicans) has written something on TOB for use in schools (her specialty is
 philosophy) 615-256-5486
--Sr. Sara Butler: "The Catholic Priesthood and Women" (world-class theologian, Sister was a proponent of women's
 ordination for many years, until coming into contact with John Paul II and Theology of the Body)
--Katrina Zeno: “Discovering the Feminine Genius” (formerly "Every Woman's Journey") and "The Body Reveals God—an Introduction to the Theology of the Body"
--Mary Healy: "Men and Women are from Eden"—great little intro and study guide
--Mary Shivanandan: "Crossing the Threshold of Love"
--Patty Schneier: CDs from (talks to parents, teens, and a powerful personal testimony)
--Steve Harvey: “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” (with reservations! Harvey is OK with sex before marriage and all kinds of "baby Daddy" arrangements, but he clues women into how men think/act)
--John & Stasi Eldredge: “Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul”
--“My Peace I Give You: Healing for Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints” by Dawn Eden 

RESOURCES FOR MEN: --Books by John Eldredge (e.g.,“Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul,” “Fathered by God—Learning What Your Dad Could Never Teach You”),
--anything by Dr. Phil Mango:

--excellent new documentary (Netflix & Google Play): "The Mask You Live In"--how ideas today about what it means to "be a man" are false and harming boys/men
--"The Red Pill": a radical feminist changes her mind
--"No Men Beyond This Point" -- hilarious mockumentary -- how fathers are desperately needed and the effects their presence/absence has on children
--“Fireproof,” “Courageous,” "War Room"—what does it mean to be a man (and a husband and a father)?
--Fr. Thomas Loya's e-book: "Priesthood, Manhood & Theology of the Body" (a must-read for EVERYONE) (If we don't understand the priesthood, we don't understand Jesus Christ or Christianity)


--talk by Dr. Peter Rudegeair

--Creation or Evolution? DVD from VISION VIDEO
--Theology of Body & Evolution-Dr.Sternberg DVD
--Ben Stein's "Expelled" documentary is also good (on Netflix, etc.)


--“Humanae Vitae”
--Janet Smith: "Why Humanae Vitae Was Right--A Reader”
--Kimberly Hahn: "Life-Giving Love--Embracing God's Beautiful Design for Marriage"
--Patty Schneier: CDs from (talks to: parents on TOB for teens, teens, & a powerful personal testimony)
--Billings Method of Ovulation:

--“Couple to Couple League”
--Important article on the latest NFP science:
--Some of the dangers of artificial contraception: 

--Effects of abortion on women's health (including link to breast cancer):
--"Humanae Vitae Day": 6 talks explaining Humanae Vitae, and Natural Planning vs. Contraception. Sr. Helena explains the Theology of the Body perspective on HV / a nurse and NFP instructor explains the Billings Ovulation Method / two NFP couples give testimonies on their experience. (All 6 talks:

INFERTILITY (and other issues of women and men's sexual/reproductive health):
-- natural, 
moral, safe, effective medical treatments based on lastest science. 
--Nat’l Center for Women’s Health:
--book: "Facing Infertility"

HOMOSEXUALITY / SAME-SEX ATTRACTION / "GAY MARRIAGE":  (also Spanish) Courage International is the largest Catholic spiritual support group for same-sex attracted Catholics, founded in NYC in 1980. It now has chapters all over the world. Twitter: @RCCourage and @TruthandLoveRC

--Are you a young adult Catholic experiencing SSA? Where can you hang out online with other faithful SSA Catholics?
--Books: “Homosexuality and the Catholic Church” by Fr. John Harvey
--“The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction” by Janelle Hallman
--film: (watch online)
--film: The Third Way: (watch online)
--"Loving My LGBT Neighbor--Being Friends in Grace and Truth" by Glenn Stanton
--"Living the Truth in Love--Pastoral Approaches to Same-Sex Attraction" by Dr. Janet E. Smith & Fr. Paul Check
--"Why I Don't Call Myself Gay--How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace" by Dan Mattson
--"The Truth About Homosexuality" by Fr. John Harvey
--"Yes to You" -- "Fr. Pontifex" (spoken word YouTube)
--"What Is Marriage?" by Robert P. George & others
--"One Man, One Woman," "The Gender Agenda," both by Dale O'Leary
--"I Just Came for the Ashes" by Robin Beck (hear her testimony here: ) Dr. Leonard Sax

--Go to website and search for "transgender"--great articles from John Hopkins University, American Pediatrics Ass'n, etc.
--"Understanding Gender Dysphoria--Navigating Transgender Issues in a Changing Culture" by Mark A. Yarhouse
--What the Catholic Church teaches about transgender;

--Videos available from a 2017 Conference at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver (scroll down):
--"Gender Reality" abstract by Sr. Prudence Allen, RSM. This paper seeks to answer to following questions from a Philosophical Methodology: What is the conflict between Gender Reality and Gender Ideology? How did Sex and Gender Ideologies Begin? What are the Characteristics of Sex and Gender Ideologies? How did Gender Ideology ‘Go Viral?’ Who Mapped the Virus of Gender Ideology? How can Gender Reality be Ransomed?
--The Canadian Bishops just dropped a lit Theology of the Body document: Short, sweet, easy read!

--"Gender & LGBTQ" talks by Sr. Helena:

FREE PODCASTS: (Sr. Helena & others) 1-5 (need to go in order) Sr. Helena's talks

PORNOGRAPHY: (comprehensive collection of porn prevention and recovery resources!) (confidential online help for all kinds of sexual addictions)
The BEST book on porn ever (includes copious studies):

PORN PREVENTION FOR KIDS:  (includes book "Good Pictures, Bad Pictures")

PRO-LIFE: (the lastest on abortion, lots of testimonies from women, answers every argument for abortion, great for teens!) Study guide available free chastity, relationships, pro-life resources – info, T-shirts, etc.
--“180 Movie” YouTube (pro-abort teens change minds on spot)
"180 Movie" in SPANISH:
--“Unplanned” DVD & book by Abby Johnson, former director of one of the largest Planned Parenthoods in America
--How the Pill Harms Health, Relationships, Men and the Environment:
--Effects of abortion on women's health (including link to breast cancer):

CURRICULUM FOR KIDS & "SEX ED": has a K-12 curriculum!  
Dr. Hanna Klaus, MD teaches abstinence AND sex ed with great results.
Sexual Teaching in the context of Adult Responsibility  Sex Ed taught in the family
--Must-read book about the origins of the sex ed industry and their true agendas! "You're Teaching My Child WHAT? A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child" by Dr. Miriam Grossman, MD
--For ages 4-7: "God Has a Plan for Boys and Girls," "Everybody Has Something To Give," "Everybody Has Something To Say"
--Other resources:

RANDOM: YouTubes of me presenting TOB to 8th graders and their parents:

(prepared with notes by Fr. Kevin Belgrave, St. Augustine's Seminary, Archdiocese of Toronto)



  1. Hi Helena, loved you at the I.D. 916 meeting yesterday! To begin my TOB study, I wanted to go the Ratzinger route. The link you have for On the Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World is to the home page of the Vatican site, in Italian. Is this the correct link?

    1. Oopsy! Just Google it or go to and switch to the English site. God bless & Happy TOBing!

  2. This is a gold mind, thanks so much for putting this together! I encourage you to include Theology of the Body for Life. It's an community that mainly caters to the Catholic Indian community both in the US and also in India. I personally met someone who is part of this community at a TOB retreat with Christopher West, and he travels to India to speak to seminarians about TOB, and also travels to Catholic parishes in the US to bring forth the message as well. This is their facebook page for reference -