February 25, 2009


1. "Every picture tells a story, donut?" How much more a moving picture.

2. Seeing is believing.

3. We are fast becoming a post-literate civilization.

4. Movies force us to look at other people's lives, stories. (Like we used to have to do scanning newspapers. Now we just cherry-pick our news.)

5. Movies surprise us. Even jaded us.

6. Movies (in theaters) force us to shut up and watch/listen. For 2 hours. Quite a feat. Even with a little texting going on. It's one of the most contemplative experiences we have in our frenetic world.

7. It's very hard to read a book and multi-task. And we are a society of multi-taskers.

8. Movies are the new lingua franca.

9. Movies give us an experience. And postmoderns highly value experience. And movies are one of our few shared experiences in our niche-market world.

10. Brain science is revealing that our brains light up (involuntarily) in imitation mode of whatever stimulates us visually (see the book "Mirroring People").

11. A picture is NOT worth a million words, unless it is somehow self-explanatory. Movies give us pictures AND words.

12. Show, don't tell.

13. Movies touch us on so many levels (head, heart, senses, memory, moral imagination, etc.) all at the same time (words, pictures, movement, emotions, music, sound, life and death events and dilemmas, etc.), and all larger than life (in the theater)!

14. Studies show that as our culture's word-intelligence descreases, its visual-intelligence is increasing.

15. "The movie has a greater effect than the press, because the spectators are more numerous and because it acts upon a greater number of the human faculties."

"Great is the mission of the movies! ...More than anything else, consider the impression that the movie makes on a soul. That impression is much more profound than that made by a bad companion, or reading a bad book.... This mission is great, therefore! If well done, a film impresses itself upon the soul and makes a greater impression on souls than a sermon, than the catechism. This is because the sermon speaks to the sense of hearing, whereas the film speaks a bit to all the senses: sight, hearing, sentiment, imagination, heart. It alsmost takes possession of the individual and dominates him." --Blessed Fr. James Alberione, SSP, filmmaker and Founder of the Pauline Family

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