October 13, 2009


Many pro-life people have the wrong idea about sidewalk counselors. Many think they are "screaming and waving pictures of aborted fetuses" in the women's faces. (Those types show up at other types of pro-life rallies and would have no success "counseling" women.)

The reason sidewalk counselors are being persecuted is because they are effective. (Bad for Planned Parenthood's business. Remember, PP is making $$$, the counselors are not.) I know some of these counselors. They are young professionals. They have told me that the information the women freely take from them (abortion alternatives) is often ripped out of the woman's hand as she enters the clinic. (So much for choice. So much for informed choice.) The counselors are offering women more information (regarding the life-altering choice they are about to make) AND are offering ongoing help should they change their minds.

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