August 20, 2012


MARY, THE WAY OF HOPE            
from the Catholic Archbishop of Damascus
(Muslims joined Christians for celebration of the Assumption!)

It is with anxiety and bitterness that the small Syrian people carry, since March 2011, alone and with courage a so heavy nightmare while waiting for "Simon of Cyrene" ...
To the blind violence, hatred and lack of dialogue.
To the indifference or impotence of the international community this small people turned towards prayer the only and ultimate refuge

On the other side and on the spiritual level and, especially around the Marian shrines, friends have mobilized chains of prayers for the peace in Syria: Our Lady of (Lourdes, Fatima, Fourvière, Walsingham, Laus, Montligeon, Amesterdam, La Salette, Puy,Medjegure, Altotting, Knock, Chateaurima,
Czestochowa, Montreal, Lorette, des Neiges, Guadalupe, du Bac, Seville, Kazan.
 and many others …)
Sick people have offered prayers and pains for peace in Syria …
From these powerful pilgrimage places is emerging a force along, with many "Simon of Cyrene" to help carry the cross and take the road....
Thank you for this beautiful spontaneous solidarity coming from afar to manifest the catholicity of the Church, we must see the work of the Providence, who is not leaving Syria alone in these painful days.

This support of Marian character joins the strong Eastern devotion to Mother of God, connected from one side to the Gospel by a YES that has transformed the History, and connected from the other side by the believers in Jesus- Eucharist who makes the Church. MARY was the guide since the dawn of Christianity. 
On August 15th, 2012, at 18.00 and despite the rather tense situation, many faithful came to the liturgy of the Assumption.
These faithful prostrated before the altar of the Martyrs of Damascus, having one voice, dedicating Syria to the Immaculate Heart of MARY, our surest way of hope.
This pious demarche is towards forgiveness and reconciliation.
To our surprise many Muslims took part in the ceremony.

"HERE IS YOUR MOTHER ..." Jn 19:27
In front of this crisis with no end nor mercy who is putting into question the future and survival of the Christian minority, the Church turns to the Mother of God to draw courage and strength to witness to the Gospel and to facilitate a respectful dialogue with Islam a majority closing a month of fasting that was well bloody. Mary who is venerated in the Koran (Sura Mariam) could be the architect of the so desired Marian peace reconciliation ...
From the bottom of the misery and suffering flows a Hope, a Light ...
Summer 2012                                            + Samir NASSAR                                                         Maronite Damascus Archbishop's

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