December 29, 2009


Want to print this out as a flyer? (Look for "Church History Flyer")

"Da Vinci Code"? "Angels and Demons"?

Do you know your Church history???

Church History Study

20-Week Overview of 2000 years!

Pick up where Acts of the Apostles left off!

"EPIC—A Journey Through Church History" Jeff Cavins DVDs and a facilitator!

JANUARY 16—JUNE 26, 2010

WHEN: Saturday mornings 10:30AM—12:00PM

WHERE: PAULINE BOOKS & MEDIA 172 N. Michigan Ave. (between Lake and Randolph)
MATERIALS: Optional workbook $25, optional timeline chart
COST: $40
Pre-registration required: 312-346-4228 or
(Sorry, payment not refundable after Jan. 16.)
It's the greatest story…NEVER told!


Name:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip:________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:_____________________ Email:____________________________________________________________
Method of payment: CASH CHECK VISA MC
TOTAL: $____________________________

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