April 28, 2009



Hillary Clinton Promises the US will spread abortion around the world

.help C-FAM and the Friday Fax stop her

                                                                                                                 April 28, 2009

Dear Friday Fax Reader,

Only a few days ago Hillary Clinton appeared before the US House of Representatives and in sworn testimony said the following. Keep in mind, she promised all these things in her official capacity of US Secretary of State!

  • Clinton praised Margaret Sanger, the racist and eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood Federation. She compared Sanger to Thomas Jefferson!
  • Clinton praised the UN Population Fund, the UN agency that helped set up and run the Chinese one child policy which is responsible for millions of forced abortions.
  • Clinton said the US would ratify the pro-abortion CEDAW treaty, meaning the last meaningful CEDAW holdout will now fall.

These things are awful and dangerous enough but she also said this:

  • The full force of the US government will be used to get governments to change their laws on abortion all over the world.

You likely know that the US has the most radical abortion laws in the world: abortion for any reason and no reason through all nine months of pregnancy. Hillary Clinton wants this for the entire world.

You likely know that most of the world has abortion either against the law or heavily regulated. Radical pro-abortion feminists like Hillary Clinton cannot stand this. They hold abortion to be a kind of secular sacrament, a sacrament that everyone must worship!

I know Hillary Clinton. My staff and I did battle with her throughout the 1990s when her husband occupied the Oval Office. I watched her work at Cairo+5, Beijing+5 and I can tell you first hand that Hillary Clinton is among the most radical pro-abortion advocates in the whole world.

I truly fear that with Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State and with Barack Obama as President of the United States, and with their allies at the UN, we are in for the most wicked four years in our global battle to protect the unborn child from abortion.

C-FAM, publisher of the Friday Fax, is the only pro-life group working exclusively on UN social policy issues. The Friday Fax is the ONLY WEEKLY SOURCE OF PRO-LIFE AND PRO-FAMILY NEWS coming out of UN headquarters in New York.

Over the next four years, likely the only source news about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and their attempts to spread abortion through the UN will come from the Friday Fax!

Friday Fax reporters, writers and analysts spend their days pouring over UN documents and sitting through interminably boring UN meetings just to bring you the news that you cannot get from any other source. Often we are the only pro-lifers in the room!

Over the years, we have built a subscriber base of 200,000 and a weekly readership of half a million. Policy makers, scholars, government officials, activists, good guys and bad guys all over the world read the Friday Fax.

The Friday Fax is free to you but it is not cheap to produce and we are writing today alert to this impending threat from Hillary Clinton and to ask for your financial assistance.

The Friday Fax costs roughly $177,000 per year to produce.

This includes office rental space, small salaries for our reporters, printing and postage for our mail edition, and significant monthly costs to mail 1 million Friday Fax messages a month!

Can you help us with this huge and growing expense?

Click HERE to contribute to the Friday Fax. This link will take you to a page where you can give online using our totally secure server. You can also give by electronic check, bank transfer, and by mail.

If you want to mail a check to us, use this address:

C-FAM/Friday Fax
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Washington, DC 20005

My Friday Fax staff is primed and ready to report on every nefarious pro-abortion plot that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama cook up. We will be there. We will report. We will tell the whole world.

Can you help us with this important task?  In these difficult times, perhaps you have been financial blessed and can contribute as much as $500? Can you help us with $100? How about $50?

Click HERE to help C-FAM and the Friday Fax do battle against Hillary Clinton and her plans to spread abortion all over the world. Remember, she pledged to use U.S. government power to do this. Is this not frightening?

Click HERE. Please do not wait. Go HERE right now and give as much as you are able. I promise your contribution will be spent wisely and well in exposing the international abortion plans of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse

P.S. This is week 3 in our six-week fundraising campaign. Next week I will tell you about how Catholic beliefs are under fire at the UN.

P.P.S. Hillarys chief negotiator at the UN is a radical feminist named Margaret Pollack. I know her. She knows me. Likely she is reading this. Margaret, we will be watching. 

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