April 6, 2009


A man I met over the weekend converted his father to Catholicism by having him watch "Gran Torino." This man's father is a Vietnam vet (it seems a lot of vets are really connecting with GT). This man is a convert to Catholicism himself in 2003 (from the atheism he was raised in). He confronted his father after his father watched the movie. "Dad, do you know what's wrong in this movie? It's the father of the family. The reason his son and grandchildren are so chillingly callous, shallow and materialistic is because the father never passed on his values, his religion (Clint Eastwood's character is Catholic)." He told his father: "You were loyal to this country [his military service], but you were disloyal to our family [he left them], to God and to the Catholic Church [their family had been Catholic several generations before]. Now do the right thing and come back." The father agreed.

This man had an amazing reading on GT. He said the car stands for America (every time you see the car, the American flag is there), and everyone wants it. The old white American and his family, the gang members, the immigrants, everyone. And it is taken into the future by the young immigrants who love this country.

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