March 3, 2010


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  1. Dear Sister,

    My background, before I chose to labour (due to its salutary effects) was a screenwriter, author, and magazine publisher.

    My interest in this project is only from the screenwriting or script-editing angle. You may already have a screenplay, and therefore, I would have little to contribute.

    But I am a credited feature-film screenwriter and have worked with two of the best and most prolific independent film-makers / producers / directors /writers in Australia, as well as under the best script editor, who currently heads an International film school.

    When I was in magazine publishing, I created a magazine called the Apostle, which was based upon the Lives of the Saints, and basic Catholic spirituality, as I have read hundreds and hundreds of biographies of saints, etc, and been in religious life as a brother and seminarian.

    If there is any way you think I can contribute to this project in a writing, or script-editing capacity, please let me know. If not, all the best with it.

    David ...

  2. Dear David,

    Thanks for your interest! However, I am the FREE writer/producer of the work, and we have already hired a Chicago company to do the filming/creative direction/editing. It'll be a first for all of us (full-length doc), so please keep it in your prayers!
    Blessed St. Pat's, St. Joe's and Holy Week!
    Sr. Helena <><

  3. Dear Sister,

    If I was not a reprobate destined for the lower echelons of hell, I would pray for you. I no longer pray. God has raised my soul to such mystical realms that all I do is think of Him while I indulge myself in luxury.

    I will keep you in my thoughts. That is the most I can promise. Our Lord Jesus Christ has a sense of humour. As God, He created me. He is having a field-day with me at the moment. He has given me over to Satan.

    I hope that this project comes to fruition, because any film about a Saint or blessed or holy person is instructional. To those who watch them, that is. Because at the end of the day, all the kids in the world are playing X-Box.

    As far as I'm concerned, anyone who promotes the life and teachings of Father Alberione is a person on the right track.

    The only thing I would say in relation to this is, There's no use running if you're on the wrong track.

    As the Irish Band U2 sing, "I'm running to stand still."

    You have chosen the toughest path in life. The hill that ascends to Our Lord Jesus Christ, where He will show Himself to you in His fullness of grace.

    If I was a man of prayer (which I once was), I would walk right up to Jesus, Mary and Joseph and say, "Look, I know you all know who I am. I'm that sinner reprobate you're still making your mind up about. Do we send him to hell, or let him suffer in purgatory for the remainder of time, or do we tell the world, we have come to spread the message of mercy to sinners? And I'd say to them. Look, I don't need prayers. I'm already doing a damn good job of damning myself. But since God has put His charity in my heart, can you please obtain some grace for the Pauline foundation, and Sister Helen?"

    Amen and Alleluia to madmen and monks.


  4. Wow if that guy were alive movies from now would be great and better in many ways.
    Thanks for the video.