July 30, 2018


    • Wicked good book. Scientific, comprehensive & compassionate.
      "Can a boy be trapped in a girl's body? Can modern medicine reassign sex? Is our sex assigned in the first place? What is the most loving response to a person experiencing a conflicted sense of gender? What should our laws say on matters of gender identity? Ryan Anderson offers a nuanced view of human embodiment, a balanced approach to public policy on gender identity, and a sober assessment of the human costs of getting human nature wrong. This book exposes the contrast between the media's sunny depiction of gender fluidity and the often sad reality of living with gender dysphoria. It gives a voice to people who try to transition by changing their bodies, and found themselves no better off." Especially troubling are the stories told by adults who were encouraged to transition as children as though there were no other option (and without therapy) but later regretted it. The book is full of statistics and studies, such as the fact that people who have had transition surgery are nineteen times more likely then average to die by suicide (41% compared with 4.6% of the general population). Studies on gender dysphoria that even transgender activists cite show that around 80% of children/teens who express a discordant gender identity will come to identify with their bodily sex if natural development is allowed to proceed. "As Anderson shows, the most beneficial therapies focus on helping people accept themselves and live in harmony with their bodies. This understanding is vital for parents with children in schools where counselors may steer a child toward transitioning behind parents' backs. Everyone has something at stake in the controversies over transgender ideology, which gives rise to misguided policies that allow biological men into women's restrooms and that penalize Americans who hold to the truth about human nature. Anderson offers a strategy for pushing back with principal and prudence, compassion and grace."
    • stellaaaamarisI am very interested in this subject and will absolutely read this book. I have some experience at my school working with students who struggle with identity issues. Thanks for the recommendation. But as a professional school counselor I can promise you that we do not “steer a child to transition behind a parents’ back.” That’s unethical. We partner with parents who entrust their children to us for an education. We do not encourage our students to defy their parents or to keep secrets. We do work towards students accepting where they are and discussing these heavy issues with their parents when they feel strong enough to do so. We would never advocate for a child to do anything without a parental consent. I’m really not sure how we would do that? Exactly how would a child transition without parental consent? We don’t even change student schedules without consent in many cases. Counselors walk a fine line between keeping student confidentiality and a parent’s right to know what is going on with their child at school. These are sensitive issues with many consequences if not managed delicately and with the child’s safety in mind. It is understood that parents have a right to raise their child as they see best and school counselors would not interfere in such a manner. Please do not spread misinformation about our profession. #schoolcounselor#schoolscounselorsrock
    • srhelenaburns@stellaaaamaris I am sure there are many ethical school counselors and schools that have ethical policies. However, in Canada, we have legislation that is totally usurping parental rights and authority and is very secretive when it comes to a child speaking to their teacher or counselor. If a home is not "trans friendly" the child can be removed from the home by Child Services. And this can mean even if the child is not identifying as trans. If the government thinks a family is not teaching their children in general that transgender is normal and that children should transition, that is also cause for removal of children from their home.
    • michael_gasparroThank you for sharing!
    • incredible_sunshineBe blessed sister. Both for use of your gift of intelligence, and for compassion.
    • 4kidsandacatdogThis is going on my Amazon wish list
    • pkmikeytRyan Anderson is sooo good
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