July 18, 2018


Since John Paul II never outlined in exact detail what "the masculine genius" is (only "the feminine genius"), I asked men and women: "What, in your opinion, is the 'masculine genius'? That is, what's great about being a man?"

from women:
--it has nothing to do with beards
--duct tape
--controlled power shows meekness. Jesus showed us the masculine genius.
--asking for directions
--take care and protect, no matter what!
--men have a strength so different from women's strength. My husband's strength allows me to be vulnerable when I'm around him.
--the masculine genius is the quality of a man who knows to defer to the feminine genius before making ingenious decisions.
--mechanical gifts and beyond. Anything involving wrenches, grease and heavy metal (not the music)
--instinct to protect!
--my father and brothers express their love by making sure my car's fluid levels are on point.
--creativity! Think about the things men have made: buildings, machines, inventions, etc.
--self-giving, protection, integrity, tenderness
--chivalry, bravery and steadfast faith
--well, Google says there's no such thing as "the masculine mystique"
--being a Dad is holding the tension between being the protective Dad and pushing you out into the big, scary world to stand on your own two feet.
--permitting us to be our feminine selves. I never felt so feminine before meeting my husband. His strong, inherent masculinity enables me to be myself and the mother of our children.

from men:
--dark beer?
--I can tell you that i
t's not manufactured, purchased, a product or an image. It's kind, uncompromising when it needs to be, and loving.
--the ability to think about nothing
--I can open jars and fix appliances
--we're the opposite of women in almost every way. Tired of being around women 24/7? Hang out with a guy.
--holding together power with weakness, strength with tenderness--all possible through the vulnerability of love
--fatherhood. Which is heroic, courageous, bold and selfless.
--knowing that the correct answer to any question is always: "Yes, dear."
--men are made to glorify God. Maybe the masculine genius resides in learning to give Him glory in all things.
--The most amazing thing is when I feel the Holy Spirit working in me, when He just takes over. As opposed to when I try to manufacture a "holy moment" myself. LOL. To God be the glory!
--watching the ballgame! I'm an Einstein at that.
--love from the outside in
--extremely focused
--we are the reflection of the Father. When a man acts from his true nature and a developed conscience, we love. A giving, protecting, providing love that supersedes self-interest.
--the capacity for self-gift. Our orientation is outward, toward the world.
--what is the masculine genius? It's not having to answer questions that require any kind of introspection. (my brother)

THE MASCULINE GENIUS by Fr. Patrick Schultz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTQeLY6lDhM&t=9s

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